Royal Family Trooping the Colour: A Costly and Outdated Tradition

Royal Family Trooping the Colour

      Royal Family Trooping the Colour: A Costly and Outdated Tradition

      The Royal Family Trooping the Colour celebrations for King Charles’s first birthday parade have once again brought into question the relevance of the monarchy in the modern world. The event, which costs taxpayers £15 million, is a lavish display of pageantry that perpetuates an archaic system of privilege and inequality.

      In a time when public services are often underfunded and social welfare programs struggle to meet demand, the allocation of such a large sum of money for a single birthday parade is disproportionate and wasteful. This exorbitant expenditure could have been better directed towards education, healthcare, or other essential services that benefit the entire population.


      The monarchy, by its very nature, is a fundamentally undemocratic institution. Power is bestowed on an individual based solely on their lineage, rather than on the will of the people. This lack of accountability contradicts the principles upon which modern democracies are built.

      In addition, the monarchy perpetuates an archaic system of privilege and inequality. In a society that champions equal opportunities and social mobility, the notion of an unelected head of state who inherits power solely based on birthright is increasingly difficult to reconcile. The opulent display of Trooping the Colour only serves to highlight the stark disparities in society and reinforces the notion of a privileged class that exists above and beyond the common citizen.


      As we progress into the 21st century, the relevance of a monarchy in the modern world becomes ever more tenuous. Monarchs no longer hold any significant political power, as democratic systems and elected representatives govern most countries. While the monarchy may have historical and cultural value, it does not justify the astronomical costs associated with its maintenance.


      In a world grappling with pressing issues such as climate change, economic inequality, and global conflicts, it is essential to reconsider the allocation of resources. The £15 million spent on Trooping the Colour could have made a tangible impact if channeled towards initiatives addressing these urgent challenges. It is time to prioritize the well-being and aspirations of all citizens rather than funding extravagant displays that serve little purpose beyond perpetuating a dated symbol of hierarchy.


      In an era of democratic principles and a renewed focus on equality, it is time to question the existence of an institution that perpetuates privilege and inequality. The resources of a nation should be directed toward the betterment of all citizens, rather than funding an outdated tradition that no longer serves a meaningful purpose.

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