Nigerian Comedian Josh2Funny Auditions on America’s Got Talent 2023

    Comedian Josh2Funny

    Nigerian Comedian Josh2Funny Auditions on America’s Got Talent 2023

    Embarking on a remarkable journey from crafting hilarious skits to stepping into the real world spotlight, Josh2Funny, a talented skit maker hailing from Nigeria, is now gracing the stage as a contestant on the tenth episode of the esteemed reality competition, America’s Got Talent (AGT).

    To secure his audition slot, Josh2Funny underwent the official registration process, eagerly awaiting the confirmation of his audition time and venue.


    Before captivating the AGT audience, the 32-year-old comedian had already captured hearts with his popular YouTube skit titled “The Audition.” In these episodic sketches, reminiscent of the format of a Got Talent show, he skillfully portrayed various personas, each vying for approval from discerning judges.


    Twitter came alive on Wednesday when the organizers of America’s Got Talent proudly announced Josh2Funny’s upcoming audition appearance. Their tweet affectionately proclaimed, “Meet the indomitable spirit, Josh Alfred! #AGT. This contender personifies perseverance, auditioning not once, not twice, but thrice.”


    The accompanying video, which quickly garnered over 11.4 million views, beautifully captured the electrifying moments of Josh2Funny’s stage debut.


    Renowned for his uproarious #DontLeaveMe skit, Josh2Funny undoubtedly left both the audience and judges in splits with his unique audition approach.

    Stepping onto the stage with the confidence of a true entertainer, Josh2Funny showcased a medley of personas, conjuring an intriguing blend of the “Fastest Rapper in the World,” the “Fastest Reader in the World,” and the “Best Magician in the World.”


    This eclectic fusion of talents, brought to the AGT table by Josh2Funny, painted an unforgettable portrait of creativity and charisma.”

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