Is Christian Atsu Dead or Alive week after Turkey earthquake?

Is Christian Atsu Dead or Alive week after Turkey earthquake?

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Christian Atsu

According to his agent, football player Christian Atsu is still missing after the earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6.

Atsu, a Ghanaian international, has not been seen since the earthquake that led to the collapse of the flat he was residing in in the city of Hatay.

After first stating that he was saved “with injuries,” his team Hatayspor later clarified their situation.

Atsu’s “precise room location” was uncovered, and pairs of his shoes were also discovered, according to Nana Sechere, who is in Hatay.

The agent added that although it had not been possible to corroborate the signals, thermal imaging cameras had indicated “up to five lives” beneath the debris.

Things are moving extremely slowly, he continued, and they urgently need more resources, especially a translator. As a result, he said, “any rescues are being postponed, and lives are being wasted.”

And expressed regret that Atsu’s Turkish club “was not on the ground with us, side by side in the search for Christian,” adding that this was “unfortunate.”

They would be very useful because of their status, power, and local expertise, he said.

Atsu’s partner Claire Rupio requested equipment be transported to the destroyed building where he was residing last week.

Sechere tweeted on Tuesday, “Nine days have passed since the earthquake, and we still haven’t found Christian.”

“Along with Christian’s family, I am in Hatay at the earthquake site. Our hearts are torn for all those impacted by the scenes, which are beyond comprehension.”

Atsu shared a residence with several Hatayspor players and administrators. Taner Savut, the club’s director of athletics, is also absent.

Aftershocks and earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria are reported to have killed more than 40,000 people in the two countries, and some survivors are still being rescued.

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