HBO’s The Idol Canceled After One Season

The Idol Cast

HBO’s The Idol Canceled After One Season


HBO’s decision to pull the plug on their thought-provoking drama, as reported by Deadline, has left both fans and creators disappointed.


The show, “The Idol,” garnered significant attention for its audacious content, and the response from the audience was undoubtedly strong. However, HBO, along with the show’s creators and producers, have collectively chosen not to proceed with a second season, after careful contemplation.

The network expressed gratitude towards the dedicated team – from the talented cast to the hardworking crew – for their remarkable contributions to the series.


The journey of “The Idol” was marked by controversies right from its inception. Crafted by Sam Levinson and Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, the show raised eyebrows even before its debut due to its explicit content, including intimate scenes. Complicating matters further, the original director, Amy Seimetz, stepped away from the project.


Rumors about the show’s potential cancellation circulated after the airing of its second episode. HBO, however, promptly addressed these speculations in a June tweet, clarifying that no decision had been made regarding a second season and promising the next episode for the eager viewers.


Centered around the lives of characters portrayed by a talented ensemble cast including Lily-Rose Depp, Dan Levy, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Eli Roth, Hari Nef, and more, “The Idol” delved into the intricate dynamics between a charismatic self-help guru and the ascending pop sensation ensnared in his cult-like influence.

The series finale of the first season, which took an unexpected turn in July, left viewers stunned. Jocelyn and Tedros’ relationship, already complex, took an even more twisted path, raising doubts about Jocelyn’s claims of maternal abuse. Originally intended to encompass six episodes, the series concluded with the fifth installment, surprising many with its abrupt ending.


As disappointed as fans might be by HBO’s decision, “The Idol” undoubtedly left an indelible mark with its unique narrative and engaging characters, offering a glimpse into the darker complexities of human relationships.


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