Harry & Meghan: List of Tabloids and Media who lied about them being outraged and suing the South Park

Harry & Meghan: List of Tabloids and Media who lied about them being outraged and suing the South Park

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Harry & Meghan: South Park

Reports that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are suing over a recent South Park episode are being refuted by a spokeswoman for the couple.

According to a representative for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who was speaking to PEOPLE about whether Harry and Meghan are suing the program: “Really, it’s all rubbish. Boring, completely unfounded reports.”

The “Worldwide Privacy Tour” episode of South Park, which aired on Wednesday, was focused on a “prince of Canada” and his wife who move in the made-up Colorado town. It was difficult to ignore the characters’ resemblances to Harry and Meghan, from the prince’s ginger hair and beard to the wife’s pink attire and hat, which was a striking match to Meghan’s appearance at Trooping the Colour in 2018. The cartoon pair was shown traveling to various places around the world while holding posters that read “we want our privacy” and “stop looking at us.”

In 2020, Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan, 41, announced their retirement from the royal family before retiring to Meghan’s native California. Meghan talked about privacy intrusions their family has endured in their 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

When asked if she and Harry should anticipate losing their privacy as a result of their royal status, Meghan responded, “I believe that everyone has a fundamental right to privacy. Basic. Nothing that anyone else wouldn’t expect is being discussed.”

“If a coworker comments, “Oh my gosh, your kid is so cute,” when you are at work and have a picture of your child on your desk. That’s awesome! Please let me see your phone so I may see all of your child’s images. You say, “No.” I feel safe sharing this photo with you “said the Duchess of Sussex. “And if they insist even more, they can respond, “No, but you already showed me that one.” Hence, you must show me everything. You know what, you’ve lost your right to privacy because you shared one image with me. I’m just going to hire someone to sit in front of your house or hide in the bushes and snap shots into your backyard.”

The couple’s worldwide press secretary issued a statement in reaction to the rumors that the couple desired a more private existence after the Netflix series Harry & Meghan premiered in December.

The spokesman claimed that they reiterated their willingness to keep up with their jobs and public responsibilities in their statement announcing their decision to stand back, which made no mention of privacy.

Any insinuation to the contrary speaks to a major theme of this series, she added. “Even though they are choosing to tell their story in their own words, the tabloid media has manufactured a completely false narrative that dominates news reports and public perception. The information is readily available to them.”


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