Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Doc Nabs a Hollywood Critics Award Nomination

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Doc

      Harry and Meghan’s Netflix Doc Nabs a Hollywood Critics Award Nomination


      Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” has been nominated for Best Streaming Nonfiction Series by the Hollywood Critics Association (HCA).


      Released in December 2022, the six-part series explores the couple’s personal lives, sharing their love story and the challenges they faced as senior royals.


      This nomination marks a significant milestone for Harry and Meghan, as it is the first time one of their projects has been recognized by a major Hollywood awards body. “Harry & Meghan” was also highly successful on Netflix, becoming the platform’s second-highest-ranked documentary.

      The series has garnered both praise and criticism from reviewers. Supporters appreciate its raw honesty and the insights it offers into the couple’s lives. However, detractors argue that it is overly self-indulgent and lacks sufficient context regarding the couple’s decision to step back from royal duties.


      The mixed reactions to the nomination reflect the polarizing nature of Harry and Meghan’s public image. Many fans have expressed their excitement on social media, hailing the nomination as a well-deserved accomplishment. Meanwhile, critics have derided the nomination, asserting that the series lacks substance and serves as a mere promotional tool for Netflix.

      Nevertheless, the nomination itself is a significant recognition of the couple’s ongoing popularity. The outcome of the HCA ceremony on August 12, where the award will be presented, will be eagerly anticipated to see if “Harry & Meghan” can secure the win.

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