“Girls Trip 2” Sets Out for Ghana With the Return of the Original Cast

“Girls Trip 2” Sets Out for Ghana With the Return of the Original Cast

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“Girls Trip 2”

Girls Trip 2, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed Girls Trip, will finally be released. According to writer-producer Tracy Oliver, the sequel will find the girls reuniting for another enjoyable holiday; this time, Ghana in West Africa will serve as the destination.

Oliver shared this happy information while promoting the upcoming second season of her comedy series Harlem on Prime Video, which will premiere on the streaming service next month. The Sundance Film Festival is now taking place. Oliver said she had a “definitive ‘Girls Trip 2’ update” in an interview with Variety Studio presented by Audible. She then asserted that the sequel is “officially happening. I can say that.” Before revealing a crucial plot point, the writer of The First Wives Club added, “No one else knows this, Will Packer (the producer of the original film) might kill me, but we’re looking to set it in Ghana.” The writer also mentioned that the entire star-studded cast from the first movie will return for the sequel.

Although it seems as though there are good plans in place for the eagerly awaited sequel, Oliver stated that the script was still being written and that there was no set schedule. She also disclosed that this year’s Afrochella, a yearly music festival in Ghana that is similar to Coachella, will be used by the movie’s cast to get acquainted with Accra before filming.


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