Former US President Trump is detained in New York and will be charged with serious offenses.

Former US President Trump is detained in New York and will be charged with serious offenses.

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Former US President Trump

Before 1:30 pm on Tuesday, Former  U.S. President Donald Trump appeared at the Manhattan courthouse for his arraignment in the Stormy Daniel hush-money case.

The procedure that will culminate in this evening’s historic hearing began when the former President was taken into custody after turning himself in to the authorities.

As soon as he entered the structure, he was placed under custody.


Trump appeared defiant when he left Trump Tower and again when he arrived at court a little while later, according to UK Mirror. The former president waved after raising a clenched fist and addressing the Trump Tower cameras in a direct manner.

Pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed in violent scenes outside the Criminal Court in Manhattan, New York, this afternoon, threatening to cause tension to flare up. The Police was forced to intervene to break up the altercation.

In an unusual situation, Mr. Trump is accused of at least one felony offense in connection with payments of hush money made to women during his 2016 campaign.


Porn star Ms. Daniels, who is alleged to have accepted a $130,000 (£105,000) payment from Mr. Trump’s attorneys in 2016 in exchange for her quiet on an affair from a decade earlier, is at the center of the case.


“I’m going to the courthouse in Lower Manhattan. They’re going to ARREST ME, it seems so OUT OF THIS WORLD. Unbelievable that this is taking on in America. MAGA!” Throughout the trip, Trump posted to his Truth Social network.

A Manhattan grand jury on Thursday indicted Trump, but the charges are still secret.


The former president and his aides spent the day gathered in his office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower.

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