Britney Spears Slapped by NBA Star Victor Wembanyama’s Security Guard

Britney Spears & Victor Wembanyama

      Britney Spears Slapped by NBA Star Victor Wembanyama’s Security Guard

      Las Vegas, NV – Reports have emerged suggesting that Britney Spears was involved in an alleged assault by a member of Victor Wembanyama’s security team on Wednesday evening in Las Vegas.

      According to TMZ, Spears was dining at Catch restaurant in the Aria Hotel with her husband, Sam Asghari, and two others when she noticed the presence of San Antonio Spurs rookie, Victor Wembanyama. Eager to take a photo with him, she approached Wembanyama and tapped him on the shoulder. It is alleged that a member of his security team then backhanded Spears, causing her glasses to fall off and leading to her falling to the ground.


      Spears’ team reportedly filed a police report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, citing battery. The incident is currently under investigation by the police.

      The security guard involved, identified as Damian Smith, the Spurs’ director of team security, has since apologized to Spears. He purportedly justified his actions by saying, “You understand how it is when you’re being swarmed by fans.”


      Spears herself has not publicly commented on the incident.


      Unfortunately, this incident is not the first time Spears has experienced violence. In 2007, she was placed under a conservatorship after her father, Jamie Spears, claimed that she was mentally unfit to take care of herself. The conservatorship lasted for 13 years until it was terminated in November 2021.

      Since then, Spears has spoken out about the abuse she endured during the conservatorship, expressing that she was controlled by her father and his team, and was deprived of autonomy over her own life.

      This alleged assault on Spears serves as a stark reminder of the dangers celebrities face while in the public eye. It is crucial for fans to respect their boundaries and never resort to violence.

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