Anti-monarchy campaigners stage protest inside Buckingham Palace

Anti-monarchy campaigners

Anti-monarchy campaigners stage protest inside Buckingham Palace


On Saturday, a gathering of activists opposing the monarchy made headlines by staging what organizers have hailed as the “first-ever” protest inside Buckingham Palace.


According to Republic, the UK’s largest anti-monarchy group, “a group of local activists from various parts of the UK visited the palace as tourists before congregating in the Grand Hall.


In a powerful visual statement, protesters inside the palace were pictured wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “Not My King.”


Republic underscored that this protest is just one element of their ongoing efforts to stimulate discussions about the monarchy’s future.


Security personnel briefly detained six of the activists involved before escorting them out through the front gate. Buckingham Palace has chosen not to comment on security matters, and inquiries have been directed to London’s Metropolitan Police.


Organizers lauded the protest as a “remarkable declaration of intent,” with ordinary citizens boldly voicing their opposition to hereditary power within the very heart of the monarchy.


Graham Smith, the group’s chief executive, emphasized that even King Charles III should not be considered an untouchable monarch immune to criticism, especially when compared to the deference afforded to the monarchy during his mother’s reign.

Smith announced Republic’s commitment to continued protests against the monarchy across the nation, with the next demonstration scheduled for the state opening of parliament on November 7.


This is not the first time the group has been involved in anti-monarchy protests, having previously organized demonstrations around King Charles’ coronation ceremony earlier this year.

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